Thursday, April 11, 2013

Entertainment for public from bollywood

I have question that today people like which type of entertainment from bollywood. They like something hot or Indian culture type episodes.

I will say people still love serials like OM Nama Shivay from life ok channel. They still love to see God Shiva Story in deep they still have excitement to see it.

People do not feel excitement from Munni badnam hui type songs but they feel enjoyment from God serials but it should be like Om Namah Shivay.

I remember old Ramayana and I will say Om Namah Shivay comes in comparison of old Ramayana. Each and every actors is very nice.

I want to thanks to life ok channel that they are executing this serial very nice and that will be reason that life ok will get publicity.

At last I want to write that if people do hard work in serials then  other people love to enjoy to see it. I hope you also like to see those serials.