Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mindset of Bollywood on actors and actress

Mindset of Bollywood as compare to old days and nowadays its change day by day. In old time actor actresses need  not to be body builders but still they give super-hit movies but nowadays  people like Salman khan because his looks body and acting.

Earlier people mindset was if Dharmendra is existed on movie then there will be fight but today every actor is action hero.

But still people mindset is different to Sunny deol people think that there will be different type of fight but if there is Salman khan then its comedy also.

Earlier if Rishi kapoor is in film then people think that ye to pitega  because he is not a action hero . He is like a lover hero in all film.

Chandni movie is one of them. Earlier People think for fighting in actors like Dharmendra, Vinod khanna, Amitabh bachhan ,Rajnikant etc

But if Hero is like Rajesh khanna ,Shashi kapoor  Dilip kumar,Sanjeev kumar etc then its little bit fight in movies.

But if there is Rajkapoor, Rajendra kumar ,Ashok Kumar ,Kishore kumar etc then there is no fight in movie.

If Manoj kumar then there is Country love only but nowadays there is no separate quality of actors they all look common.

Either is Sanjay datt,SRK ,Sallu ,Amir khan ,Govinda,Abhishek Bachchan,Hrithik Roshan,Anil kapoor ,Saif Ali Khan,Ajay Devgan,Saif Ali Khan etc they all have fighting movies, comedy ,drama, love and romantic,emotion and action .

These all are actors difference but there is not much differences in actresses because they mostly involved as a lover but in some movie they also do action seen like Deepika padukone ,katrina kaif, Sonakshi sinha etc

Today's actresses are bold in nature but earlier they are very sarmili type  except Helan.

People mostly make mindset for actors but without actress films not become complete so they have mindset that which actresses make good couples with the actor if its full-fill then films becomes hit.

Like Ajay and Kajol, Akshay kumar and  katrina kaif, Amir khan and kareena kapoor etc are set couple.