Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bollywood is not only Acting place for dream

As per my views Bollywood is not only Acting place to fulfill many people dreams If you are an actor then you can act anywhere that you want . In you daily life you can live your life happily by acting at your home  to your family they will enjoy you will enjoy . If any person is good actor then he does not restrict him for acting for Bollywood only if he  restricted himself then he may be the unhappiest person in the world . If you are working in office then in your office circle you can express yourself on vacant time like lunch , tea etc . If you are among your friend then you can express your act you believe me your friend circle will more strong due to your acting . You can feel that your whole life works as actor . Many times you need to be to say lie in front of friend bosses etc and to say lie acting is required . Talking to any profession is nothing but its acting . Actually all people start acting from childhood . Mother become actor with child to make him happy . Child acts differently to make environment happy .

 All people ego is also part of acting . You can feel lots of acting in all people that are nearby . Actually what behavior we learn from other is also known as acting. Any type of action is acting . Acting is not only related to movie, serial etc . Believe me if you will express yourself with open environment continuously then one day you will get a way to go for Bollywood . Only one enemy is for acting career which is loosing hope and increasing unhappiness. If you will loose your hope then its started your end careers for acting . If you feel that you are actor then start yourself from place where you are . If you are thinking that you will get everything suddenly then you are wrong / . In any career you will not get your destination without starting from source place so to reach on destination you need to make all place as acting place .

 I want to say at last that Bollywood is not single place to start acting place but it can be your final place . If you will express yourself then people will start demand for acting from you if people will demand then you can think that your market started from here. If your market started then you can make your market bigger for more benefit .

Jo dikhta hai vo bikta hai.