Thursday, April 21, 2016

How many are living with Raghu personality.

Raghu was very handsome person . On childhood he was very interested to become hero like Rajkumar , Amitabh , Rajesh Khanna so every time he tried to speak dialog , play new story alone or with friends . His friends always say him can be good actor so Raghu not able to focus on study and most of the time he play new story.

 On every standard he  got very low marks  on school and he did not worry about this because he was confident that he will be good actor and one day he will prove that he has good future . Day and time passed Raghu started to search way for his career but did not get any way to become good actor and after 18 year he was thinking that this time he is not actor and not good academic records so his future is going in dark.

Depression time started he was not able to show interest in any other work and do not want to make his career in any other profession. One day his family decided to set Raghu's marriage and Raghu not able to oppose that. One day he married. Now way of life is being more difficult. One side he needs money for his family life and other way his interests for acting.

After some day Raghu decided to do service to live good family life and forget about acting career. He started hard work in study and got good jobs . Nowadays he is good service man but still thinking that is some one guide me in child hood than I can get more success . As Raghu there are lots of persons in India who is live life like Raghu . He wanted to become something else and final life is something else . Are you live life like Raghu .