Sunday, December 27, 2015

Area of Entertainment

All people in the world has its own Area of Entertainment like teacher get entertained by reading books , enjoyment with his family like loving children , spending time with playing indoor and outdoor game .

Richer people like seth type to get entertained if he able to earn money and always try to limit to expanding money but this type of entertainment can limit to personal area only .

I think people in college life get more enjoyed with his life because they do not limit himself whatever money the have they enjoy always. One prayer man  got enjoyed by doing to pray but common area of entertainment is watching movies , seeing tv , reading different type of novels , playing games like cricket , hockey football etc .

Some people get entertained by travelling to different places but it can be his hobby. Most dangerous entertainment is by criminals.

Terrorist is one of the dangerous criminals which has never ending crimes we daily saw new and video clips on which they did lots of crime like killing peoples , rape etc . One other entertainment is eating different foods some people like to eat veg and some people like to eat nonveg. Non vegetarian people get more entertainment on eating and its greedy area of entertainment. When new child born then he never  knew the world where he came is very dangerous place but every parent  wanted that his child should always safe from bad world so people that did not face bad world then it become difficult for him to when he  faced that .

Different profession has its own area and is limit of his profession but people who know actual entertainment and get actual entertainment that is true entertainment. When we will search for / out our soul then we will get actual entertainment for us . I hope you will able to search your area of entertainment. Thank and regards , . Santosh kumara sigh .