Thursday, March 12, 2015

Changes in Bollywood Acting,actor,actress

What are the Changes in Bollywood Acting,actor,actress  compare to previous days and nowadays.

1. Dialog delivery: Previously film becomes hit ,super hit due to dialog delivery you can compare dialog of Rajkumar, Nana patekar, Sunil datt with current heros its totally different. There is no enjoyment in current heros dialogs like previous.

2. Emotion : There is not current actor which is comparable to Rajkapoor.

3. Comedy: You can not get Mahmood,Jahny walker in current comedians.

4. Villein:  Currently there is no good Villein like Amrish puri, Ajeet,Amjad khan,Jeevan etc.

5.Romance: There are lot of difference in Romance in modern movies and old movies. Day by day actress decreasing clothes.

6.Promotion- Previously movies becomes hit super hit without any promotion but nowaday they promote movies from different sources . Comedy night with Kapil is one of the best platform for promotion

7. Budget: Previously low budget movies also become hit and super hit but nowadays movies budget goes in arabs.

8.Crowd- You can see previously movies end in 10 to 15 actors but nowadays we found a lot of crowd in film ,dance and songs.

9. Songs-Previously songs include a lot of sharo shayaries but nowadays no shero shayaries.

10.Timing- Previously mostly movies end in 3 hrs nowadays its end in 2 hrs also.

11.Action-Previously  people like simple action also nowadays there are lot of action in fight movies.