Friday, November 7, 2014

Top 15 points to get Success In Bollywood

These things should be inside you to get Success In Bollywood Field as a Actor or actress.

1. Your Nature should be smart type but do not over smart.
2. Your capability should enough to do any type of role ,act,dance and clear voice.
3. You acting should be your original creation you should not copy to other actor always.
4. Permanent practice is required to retain confidence inside you.
5. You should be open minded. You should need to be on cool talk.
6. Some diploma and degree is an advantages points for selection criteria benefit.
7. If you have reference then you can get chance early but do not loose your own capability on overconfidence on your reference.
8. Be active all the time.
10. To bring confidence show your capability with your friends time to time.
11. Some times Act something with girls/boys also. 
12. Be open with girls or boys.
13. Use social website of Bollywood to get updates from Bollywood.
14. Watch all type of movies, episodes regularly.
15. If your family is not convince with your acting career decision then try to convince him by getting success certificates.