Sunday, October 26, 2014

True things of Bollywood

As we know Actors as a star but if you feel that they are in very good position and very big man than its not true. True things of Bollywood is that Movie star become star if his start is good. 

All did not get success all time if you have job then you will get regular salary every month but if star will not get film then they will become day by day poor so they always keep movies on hand . Nowadays star like SRK(Shah Rukh Khan) trying to earn money from other field like IPL cricket same ways Abhishek and other hero trying to involve in other games like Kabaddi , Footbaal its because they know the true situation of Bollywood.

They can not depends only on movies. Some star not getting movies so they start to make a movie like Rakesh Roshal supporting his son for film like Krish1 krish2 etc.

Actors who maintains some quality those are getting movies regularly like Aamir Khan ,Salman khan etc.

Other actors struggling to get movies. Like Shahid kapoor, Ranbir kapoor , Karishma kapoor etc are also in the race of struggling .

So if you are in good position in your jobs and trying to move to Bollywood then do not left your job because there is no guarantee for your bright future in Bollywood.

If big star are struggling then what about will be for new star. They always suffer and sometime you hear about scandal from some actress, model etc then this is the reason .

At the time of old star like Dilip kumar , vindo khanna condition of Bollywood was better than current situation.

Its all are only my thinking and views. You may live with your views and ideas.