Monday, July 21, 2014

Good Concept Comedy nights with Kapil

Comedy nights with Kapil

As per my views Comedy nights with Kapil is very good concept for entertainment we saw something new on Every Saturday and Sunday on colors channel.

We able to see famous character and some times we saw new Hero also. Its not like episode its like and 1 hrs movie and all episode hits.

This show is being hit not only for inclusion of great character its being hit due to arts of Dadi ma, Bua,Palak,kapil and Nukar and most famous and hit character is Kapil's wife.

We did not see wife husband new jokes on any other channels and internet so we like it more and no any dialog is boring.

Siddhu is already a great man.  We did not see lot of actors in other movie but if we see Comedy nights with Kapil then one by one we can face lot of actors actress like Sonakshi,Hema malini, Madhuri,Juhi , SRK,Sallu bhai ,Dharmendra ,Sunny,Jitu ji, Amitabh bachchan and many more.

Hit episode was with Salman khan due to totawala dialog with Dadi ma.

All Characters and actors put his/her great efforts during acts so we can feel fresh at Every weekend due to Comedy nights with Kapil.

Comedy nights with Kapil is being famous at all over world and I hope it will be more and more famous.

Normal people also getting chance to act some thing so overall its being masala drama movie.

As normal people my salute to Kapil.