Monday, February 3, 2014

Changes in Concept of movies day by day

Nowadays There are lot of  Changes in Concept of movies day by day. Previously there was emotion , drama ,dialog, nice stories,love,comedy,action,beauty with bearing full clothes by actress,suspense,Romantic comedy etc

In old and middle days of film industry all heroes are handsome and people did miss any movie to watch because they enjoy it like a movie.

But today there are lot of mismatch concept and missing lot of thing , Big things is missing like dialogues. Today there is no hero like Rajkumar,Vinod khanna,Sunil datt etc.

We are missing Pran too much, If Pran is in movie then there is no need to see other Hero He alone was enough to Hit the movie.

Today movie is being hit after lot of promotion but for old movies there was no need to promote much they become hit due to concepts,dialog s etc.

Today's Movie we can see hard work of actor but we are missing talent like a Actors. I hope they will read my this post and will try to improve film making.