Thursday, February 21, 2013

Enjoyment,Love and Happiness

Enjoyment-Enjoy nothing but a divine fun, which is steeped seeker every moment. It is as always a fun, less - not more. Enjoy our consciousness stemming from it a divine fragrance, which is sweet scented every moment, but due to entangled in maya does not experience the fun. If you want get to enjoy the bliss of self-expressions come from soul. Enjoy is one type of river flow like the mind, intelligence and communication gives joy to the heart. This inner joy, the relationship is not physical substances. So we might say that to say this was an enjoyable dinner. In reality it is a pleasure rather momentary pleasure is felt at the level of the senses.

Brahmananda, Chidananda, Diwyanand, sacchidanand words, we can understand the meaning of the word pleasure. Sacchidanand as three words. Sat, Irritating and enjoy. Sessions, which are always the same, do not have time to any period which is omnipresent, beyond birth and death. It is only Irritating. Irritating means soul or consciousness, which permeates the entire universe. Irritating Satrupi in mind when it will be the attainment of pleasure.

 Love:We can not understand love, its limited to the ones we love. Infatuation and love to be in the range becomes contaminated. Stabilizer attachment, while feeding habits of love. Who does not love his personality is always closed. He is scared and extinguished - which remains. Love is like a fountain, which is running all the time. We stopped the flow limitations feet, while love is the nature of our consciousness. The river is constantly flowing non-stop, just as love is like a river, flows through us. We put her in the downstream blockage of their disorders. If the blockage is removed the disorders began spreading its fragrance will love. Our job is to remove barriers. Then Will see hatch within bonhomie fountain. It can not happen that did not come within the bonhomie. A day on his own, inadvertently, a thing, nature, animals - birds or animals know how feelings, but we are deter him again and again he stopped living is low, which seems to be that we're dry, no love inside.

Happiness:According to Fortune, we've got everything - home - family, wear clothes, head coverings and roof and food to eat. In addition to the requirements, they are also being met. Yet most people are not happy. Just - as soon as they become sad little disadvantage. Remains weak and scattered mind would actually hurt. If everything in life looks favorable, then the mind is suffering. Keep in mind, the mind is never empty. Either we find somewhere else to mind mind is its own ghost or futurity The nearby mammon, even a little thing else holding the mind seems to be unhappy. Indeed, the weak mind feel good to be in pain. Man by creating a fantasy world in your mind - the - mind unhappy things happens.

As long as the mind has not been trained, it can not be positive. Try our trained the mind to be taught without the mind learns nothing. It requires practice and practice to keep in mind present, always smile, a gesture of thanks to everybody. The mind gradually Sdne inside looks and confidence, become more positive and joyful. Then life becomes enriched.