Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some bollywood movies are in same pattern

I have seen lot of movies but if any movies becomes hit then lot of movies comes in future as  same pattern like Dabang was hit movie then Dabang2 comes to the cinema.

Movies industries start thinking that police pattern type is becoming more hit. Singham is another super hit movies and its best among all police pattern movies.

Rawadi rathore which played by Akshay kumar I think he tried his best acting as police but we can not compare Rawadi Rathore with Singham.

Dabang is hit due to Salman khan and Sameeksha Sinha acting but Dabang also not better than Singham because Ajay shows as real act all the places.

I seen Dabang first and second both but I think Dabang first is better than dabang 2 because villein role is something different in dabang one.

Now Talaash movie of Amir khan comes to the picture but there is no action only one suspence that kareena is not alive in that movie.

So success of Talaash 50 percent credit goes to kareena kapoor due to her act and importance of role. I think Ajay devagan is best among all  police like chulbul pandey,Rawdi ,singham and Surjan.