Sunday, January 6, 2013

What is actual Entertainment of life?

Some times I think what is actual entertainment ? is only physical relation things are actual entertainment things.When we saw any hot picture then we get enjoyed or when we think about ashwarya , pryanka then we think this is real entertainment. So all the time we search actual entertain but till the life end we did not able to get actual entertainment.

Enjoy life

 As per my point of view all things that we get enjoyed its waste of life actual enjoyment is to get achievement something about God.

I think that things is inside us so all type of enjoyment is inside us no need to go else where to search enjoyment. you can feel all enjoyment.

Just Try it you will get enjoyed like this baby girl. there is no tension and not afraid in face for present past and future. Children enjoy just in current or present time so we need to learn from children how to enjoy our life.
Life Enjoying

One day my friend asks to other friend that what is Actual enjoyment then I like his answer very much. His answer was If you try to know all about single things instead of know something about all things. If you will try to know all things for any one things that means your are going to get actual enjoyment.

Old days Rishi Muni living life with actual enjoyment because they invest his whole life to get only single things which is God and they get actual enjoyment.

When we visit any sea or beech then we feel enjoyment for sometimes that situation should be in our mind as a imagine to enjoy whole life. Just need to think this way all the time as shown in image below.

Life Enjoying

Actually if you start to feel God then you are in actual enjoyment so left everything and start to live with actual enjoyment.

My friends get interest inside him and he start think that he can select Tabla. He start to learn tabla and he is in touch with actual entertainment and enjoying life because he has target to achieve and learn everything of tabla.

Same as you can judge yourself that what is your interest as per your interest if you get it then you will get enjoyed in life.

I remember one lesson of Hindi in standard 8th was "Anand ki khoj Pagal pathik" there actual meaning of enjoyment mentioned. Writer trying to visit different places to get enjoyed but he did not get enjoyed at last he realized that enjoy is inside us we need to understand it.

As per below image we need to do mind exercises in cold place to get fresh and spiritual ideas to enjoy our life.

Actual Enjoyment

Do you think that you have get actual enjoy in your life I think today's life is so fast and everyone trying to earn money. Everyone is thinking that without money we can not get enjoyment in life so they expend whole life in money earning. If they earn lot of money and they feel we require more money to enjoy more but they did not get actual enjoyment in whole life but if they have some spirituality in life during money earning then they can feel some partial actual enjoyment in life.

This is true that to come out from hunger we require money and same as some other requirement in life but life is not only to fulfill requirement its to live with actual enjoyment so search things which is related to give you actual entertainment in your life.

I know one of my friend did not get any type of enjoyment in his life because he want to become an artist but due to some problems he did become artist and now he is doing private job so they become frustrate all the time and thinking that his life is not useful for him and just life a fake life same way there are many peoples in the world who are living same way I want to just pray to God that those people whose life is not on the right track God should help him to reach at right track.

I hope my suggestion may change your life too.