Saturday, March 31, 2018

April Fool Pranks Ideas

1. Put salt in tea and give to your friend guest.
2. Make pellow like that some one sleeping
3. Pen with bigger cap idea- Show bigger cap of pend on pocket of shirt without  pen body.
4. Change voice in call to friends.
5. Send email to friends like you promoted or prize then in email body its written as April phool
6. Give some marriage new to friend which was unexpected.
7.Give Blank box gift to kids
8. dont give any unhappy news to friends so take care happy april fool day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

You must watch and be alert from different types of Fraud

You must watch following clips and  be alert from different types of Fraud people can do with you and you normal routine can be disturb and you can loose money if you will be lazy to take care from some points.

How to save yourself from fraud of money in the real life. I am sharing my views include some of them by real experience. You can protect yourself if you keep all points in your mind.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

One small story of New Delhi on take care of money

I want to share one small story on railway station of New Delhi one of my friends was going from New Delhi to Jarwal Road than one person came and tell that where are you going and he told I am going to Jarwal Road then that person also saying that you are going to Jarwal Road I am also going to Jarwal Road. Then he surprised you are also going to Jarwal Road. Good we will be with you and time will pass very easily that person told him are you going with your money and my friend told yes I have money then he that person told I also have lot of money but I made one receipt on depositing money  from station master after reaching to jarwal road he will provide me my money again when I will show you Receipt.

When my friend told I don't think this procedure is still available then that person told no no this things is available if you give your money I will deposit to the station and he will give receive that money My  friend start believing on that person and given his money to him when he told you to take care of my luggage And I will provide your receipt then he gave his money after that  he was dating a one hour
But he didn't come back again and he realize that his money is gone he was thinking that is his luggage still with me let us check what is in his left in that luggage.

 after opening his luggage there was some clothes dirty clothes nothing was inside that and all his money gone so when you travel to New Delhi station you always take care of those type of person they are not of idea to take money from you-you always need to take care of those kind of person you need to be alert every time  don't believe on those person. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mindset of Bollywood on actors and actress

Mindset of Bollywood as compare to old days and nowadays its change day by day. In old time actor actresses need  not to be body builders but still they give super-hit movies but nowadays  people like Salman khan because his looks body and acting.

Earlier people mindset was if Dharmendra is existed on movie then there will be fight but today every actor is action hero.

But still people mindset is different to Sunny deol people think that there will be different type of fight but if there is Salman khan then its comedy also.

Earlier if Rishi kapoor is in film then people think that ye to pitega  because he is not a action hero . He is like a lover hero in all film.

Chandni movie is one of them. Earlier People think for fighting in actors like Dharmendra, Vinod khanna, Amitabh bachhan ,Rajnikant etc

But if Hero is like Rajesh khanna ,Shashi kapoor  Dilip kumar,Sanjeev kumar etc then its little bit fight in movies.

But if there is Rajkapoor, Rajendra kumar ,Ashok Kumar ,Kishore kumar etc then there is no fight in movie.

If Manoj kumar then there is Country love only but nowadays there is no separate quality of actors they all look common.

Either is Sanjay datt,SRK ,Sallu ,Amir khan ,Govinda,Abhishek Bachchan,Hrithik Roshan,Anil kapoor ,Saif Ali Khan,Ajay Devgan,Saif Ali Khan etc they all have fighting movies, comedy ,drama, love and romantic,emotion and action .

These all are actors difference but there is not much differences in actresses because they mostly involved as a lover but in some movie they also do action seen like Deepika padukone ,katrina kaif, Sonakshi sinha etc

Today's actresses are bold in nature but earlier they are very sarmili type  except Helan.

People mostly make mindset for actors but without actress films not become complete so they have mindset that which actresses make good couples with the actor if its full-fill then films becomes hit.

Like Ajay and Kajol, Akshay kumar and  katrina kaif, Amir khan and kareena kapoor etc are set couple. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bollywood is not only Acting place for dream

As per my views Bollywood is not only Acting place to fulfill many people dreams If you are an actor then you can act anywhere that you want . In you daily life you can live your life happily by acting at your home  to your family they will enjoy you will enjoy . If any person is good actor then he does not restrict him for acting for Bollywood only if he  restricted himself then he may be the unhappiest person in the world . If you are working in office then in your office circle you can express yourself on vacant time like lunch , tea etc . If you are among your friend then you can express your act you believe me your friend circle will more strong due to your acting . You can feel that your whole life works as actor . Many times you need to be to say lie in front of friend bosses etc and to say lie acting is required . Talking to any profession is nothing but its acting . Actually all people start acting from childhood . Mother become actor with child to make him happy . Child acts differently to make environment happy .

 All people ego is also part of acting . You can feel lots of acting in all people that are nearby . Actually what behavior we learn from other is also known as acting. Any type of action is acting . Acting is not only related to movie, serial etc . Believe me if you will express yourself with open environment continuously then one day you will get a way to go for Bollywood . Only one enemy is for acting career which is loosing hope and increasing unhappiness. If you will loose your hope then its started your end careers for acting . If you feel that you are actor then start yourself from place where you are . If you are thinking that you will get everything suddenly then you are wrong / . In any career you will not get your destination without starting from source place so to reach on destination you need to make all place as acting place .

 I want to say at last that Bollywood is not single place to start acting place but it can be your final place . If you will express yourself then people will start demand for acting from you if people will demand then you can think that your market started from here. If your market started then you can make your market bigger for more benefit .

Jo dikhta hai vo bikta hai.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Current Bollywood Trends Fashion and style

I want to share Some Current Bollywood Trends Fashion and style.

Alia bhatt

eyebrow setting

eyebrow setting

eyebrow setting

eyebrow setting

eyebrow setting

Kareena kapoor khan

Katrina kaif



ACTRESS shouse

Thursday, April 21, 2016

How many are living with Raghu personality.

Raghu was very handsome person . On childhood he was very interested to become hero like Rajkumar , Amitabh , Rajesh Khanna so every time he tried to speak dialog , play new story alone or with friends . His friends always say him can be good actor so Raghu not able to focus on study and most of the time he play new story.

 On every standard he  got very low marks  on school and he did not worry about this because he was confident that he will be good actor and one day he will prove that he has good future . Day and time passed Raghu started to search way for his career but did not get any way to become good actor and after 18 year he was thinking that this time he is not actor and not good academic records so his future is going in dark.

Depression time started he was not able to show interest in any other work and do not want to make his career in any other profession. One day his family decided to set Raghu's marriage and Raghu not able to oppose that. One day he married. Now way of life is being more difficult. One side he needs money for his family life and other way his interests for acting.

After some day Raghu decided to do service to live good family life and forget about acting career. He started hard work in study and got good jobs . Nowadays he is good service man but still thinking that is some one guide me in child hood than I can get more success . As Raghu there are lots of persons in India who is live life like Raghu . He wanted to become something else and final life is something else . Are you live life like Raghu .

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bollywood connection with Politics

Bollywood is connected with politics and underworld.
Bollywood  is also strongly connected with Politics .Once actors or actress get publicity then they moved to politics and most of them win in Election.

Some of the list of actors are as under.

Vinod Khanna
Suresh Oberoi
Sunil Dutt
Smriti Irani
Shekhar Suman
Shatrughan Sinha
Shabana Azmi
Sanjay Dutt
Rakhi Sawant
Rajesh Khanna
Raj Babbar
R. Sarath Kumar
Pawan Kalyan
Paresh Rawal
Nitish Bharadwaj
Moon Moon Sen
Mohan Babu
Mithun Chakraborty
Mahesh Manjrekar
Manoj TiwariM.G. Ramachandran Late
Kota Srinivasa Rao
Kiran Kher
K. B. Ganesh Kumar
Jayalalithaa Jayaram
Jaya Bachchan
Javed Jaffrey
Hema Malini
Gul Panag
Deepika Chikhalia
Dara Singh
Bappi Lahiri
Babu Mohan
Arvind Trivedi
Arun Govil
Amitabh Bachchan
Ashok seth

Mostly all get chance in big parties like BJP , Congress , Samajwadi party , etc so acting is very good for politics career . If you want to become a politician then first become actor and get publicity then apply for ticket you will definitely get the ticket and win the election.

Acting is only profession where you get money and publicity for free. Once you become  a politician then you do not require to do hard-work on acting your life is on full enjoyment . Political party  gave ticket for actor very easily .

Some times they offer to join politics so as Politician acting profession has very bright future. In acting you can not have bright future always because market of film makes not up all the time.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Area of Entertainment

All people in the world has its own Area of Entertainment like teacher get entertained by reading books , enjoyment with his family like loving children , spending time with playing indoor and outdoor game .

Richer people like seth type to get entertained if he able to earn money and always try to limit to expanding money but this type of entertainment can limit to personal area only .

I think people in college life get more enjoyed with his life because they do not limit himself whatever money the have they enjoy always. One prayer man  got enjoyed by doing to pray but common area of entertainment is watching movies , seeing tv , reading different type of novels , playing games like cricket , hockey football etc .

Some people get entertained by travelling to different places but it can be his hobby. Most dangerous entertainment is by criminals.

Terrorist is one of the dangerous criminals which has never ending crimes we daily saw new and video clips on which they did lots of crime like killing peoples , rape etc . One other entertainment is eating different foods some people like to eat veg and some people like to eat nonveg. Non vegetarian people get more entertainment on eating and its greedy area of entertainment. When new child born then he never  knew the world where he came is very dangerous place but every parent  wanted that his child should always safe from bad world so people that did not face bad world then it become difficult for him to when he  faced that .

Different profession has its own area and is limit of his profession but people who know actual entertainment and get actual entertainment that is true entertainment. When we will search for / out our soul then we will get actual entertainment for us . I hope you will able to search your area of entertainment. Thank and regards , . Santosh kumara sigh .

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Top New quotes for your social networking sites

I want to share some status quotes which make you smart.

1.World is beautiful but its depends upon our mood to feel it beautiful

2.A champion is not the one who wins 100 times, a champion is the one who loses 99 times and gets up for the 100th time to fight again.

3..God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

4.Sometimes you need to slow down to eventually go faster.To lead is to make sure your daily schedule reflects your deepest priorities.

5.Experience must be reflected on your working and not only in words.

6. You do not build a business you build people then peoples build a business.

7. Love and Trust are the ultimate medicines for any relation.

8. You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.

9. Live is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.

10. Think positive if your expectations from other is positive.