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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Are Actors,Actress Rich actually?

Sometimes I am thinking that we are getting monthly salary like in some thousand but actors actress are getting money in crores. If film become hit then it earning like 200 crores and actor become hit and our thinking is if we get 1 crore rupees in life then will stop to do our job and will start any cool business.

In light of us 1 crore rupees value is like one life can live smoothly and actors actress earn lot of crores. Is it correct I think not because some time ago I read news paper one actor like Om puri has no work this time but As we know he may have earn lot of crores in previous day so if he has no work then he has enough money to live his life.

We saw Gadar Movie it was hit but nowadays Sunny deol movies not coming like previous so conclusion is for actors actress time never remain same but for us it remain same for long time.

We can earn salary continuously but they can not. Performance matters everywhere in job, acting also.

If you are doing well then you will earn good. Amitabh bachchan is one man show who is performing well continuously and earning money continuously. Abhishek bachchan is not doing well . As per acting Abhishek is doing well but people expecting that he should do like Amitabh bachchan. I wan to say that Acting is inside person it can not be created by us it we try to create then no entertainment.

Sanjay dutt is good actor because he is able to maintain his image like sanjay not Sunil Dutt but Abhishek is not able to maintain his image perfectly he tried to mix act of Amitabh bachchan that he fail and Sanju pass.

Earning money does not matter but quality of work matters in life so money will run behind you if you work well ,if you work well then you are rich in any occupation.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Actors actress then and Now

Aditya Narayan

Arjun Kapoor

Asha bhoshle

jibran khan


Parzan dastur

sana saeed

shahid kapoor

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beware from Fraud advertisement and Requirement in Bollywood

Dear Friends,

I know you lot of person has your own dream to enter in Bollywood Industries but I want you to  Beware from Fraud advertisement and Requirement in Bollywood.

You may read daily news paper there requirement mentioned for new boys and girls required for Episodes and films some people believe on those thing and at the end they waste his money.

If you apply and go to their then they will ask for money for audition charges if you pay then on next stage they will demand more money after some time they will say sorry you are not selected please try next time.

Same way you may see some girl may filled form for you child for modelling and acting but when you go there then they will ask money to make album of photos for your child you may pay lot of money for photo .. for one photo 300 rupee after album process you may wait for next phone call for life time because they are busy to search another customer for photo album.

If you have dream to enter in Bollywood then I am not saying that you do not see dream but to fullfill your dream you need to select right direction. Right direction is you prepare yourself from child age and get certify from any institute if you have capability then you get selection for film or episodes surely.

Long way is always right way shortcut is risky and time wasting so Beware from Fraud advertisement and Requirement in Bollywood.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Changes in Bollywood Acting,actor,actress

What are the Changes in Bollywood Acting,actor,actress  compare to previous days and nowadays.

1. Dialog delivery: Previously film becomes hit ,super hit due to dialog delivery you can compare dialog of Rajkumar, Nana patekar, Sunil datt with current heros its totally different. There is no enjoyment in current heros dialogs like previous.

2. Emotion : There is not current actor which is comparable to Rajkapoor.

3. Comedy: You can not get Mahmood,Jahny walker in current comedians.

4. Villein:  Currently there is no good Villein like Amrish puri, Ajeet,Amjad khan,Jeevan etc.

5.Romance: There are lot of difference in Romance in modern movies and old movies. Day by day actress decreasing clothes.

6.Promotion- Previously movies becomes hit super hit without any promotion but nowaday they promote movies from different sources . Comedy night with Kapil is one of the best platform for promotion

7. Budget: Previously low budget movies also become hit and super hit but nowadays movies budget goes in arabs.

8.Crowd- You can see previously movies end in 10 to 15 actors but nowadays we found a lot of crowd in film ,dance and songs.

9. Songs-Previously songs include a lot of sharo shayaries but nowadays no shero shayaries.

10.Timing- Previously mostly movies end in 3 hrs nowadays its end in 2 hrs also.

11.Action-Previously  people like simple action also nowadays there are lot of action in fight movies.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015